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We design elecronic things for Internet and real life.
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Compact automotive tracker for light vehickles performs remote car positioning and find-my-car service
Easy to use solution for car theft protection with additional comfort services.
Universal battery-powered monitoring solution.
Supports RS-485 and CAN buses for external sensors with powering option. Connects with cloud over GSM/3G networks. Works up to 6 years from battery pack.
Garbage Sonar
Trash can monitoring solution offers fill level sensing, can moving and high temperature alarm.
Battery-powered system enables up to 5 years of work, and uses GSM/3G networks or LoRa connection to send data.
Experience and expertise
Our advantages
Just-in-time delivery
Production support
Strict porject planning and reporting
Project budget efficiency
Our technology expertise:
Bluetooth Smart
GSM / 3G
How we
Requriements analisys
We made project brief from product idea taking in consider the competitive solutions, and develop complete technical and business requriements.
We made the project plan. If necessary, we use flexible approaches to development: Agile + time & material delivery terms.
Development of the prototype
We provide the customer a working samples and prototype documentation, and perform necessary test procedures.
Production start
We support the customer with a search for a contractor, component purchases and develop of production documentation.
Project support
We provide 3rd-level technical support and product improvements.
Questions and
How long does it take to make a new product? Read answer

Project implementation time depends on the volume and complexity of the project, also with project risks. As a rule, first prototype development requires one to three month, development of a complex product with serial production requries 6 months and more.

What the R&D costs includes? Read answer

The base cost includes three components: labor costs, product samples costs and design risks. To optimize project costs, we offer customers various payment schemes: a supply contract, different licensing options etc.

Contract development vs. freelancers: why you? Read answer

When you contact with a freelancer, you should take in account that most are looking for “quick” orders, and typically are not motivated for high-quality result of work and aren't enough responsible for the project result. Also there is a concern iin communication factor: usually developers require a special approach in communication.
We always sign up contracts for development, and we responsible for material and moral sides of interaction with customers.

Is it possible to determine the final requirements during the project development? Read answer

Yes, it is possible: we apply Agile-methods, with a time&material contract. ou should note: it is very important the customer representative to be involved in the project in such case.

How can I control the progress of the project? Read answer

We regularly provide project reports to the customer, and amount of the time spent by specialists for time&material contracts.

What guarantees will I get for the project? Read answer

We guarantee the product's compliance with the contract terms of reference, and we'll fix all founded shortcomings for free.

Can you interact with my employees? Read answer

Yes, this is common practice. Most of our projects include tight collaboration with the customer's team.

What if we need a full development cycle, together with the product plastic case? Read answer

We collaborate with our partners to perform industrial design service.

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